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Welcome to Green Geological’s E-Commerce Website. Green Geological was originally founded in 1970 by Keith E. Green, a professional Petroleum Geologist specializing in Micro-Paleontology since 1952. Additionally, Mr. Green was a Professor of Geology at various California institutions for higher learning such as Whittier College and several other colleges within the University of California System. Mr. Green’s expertise and knowledge as a Petroleum Geologist was initially appreciated by the Exploration Division of Shell Oil Company, Ventura, California. It was during these early years, honing his craft as a Micro-Paleontologist, exploring for new oil fields off the coast of California and on the North Slope of Alaska, Mr. Green quickly recognized a need for some specialized tools and supplies that could speed up the process of sample analysis, improve accuracy, and developed non-redundant documentation for archival purposes. So, from the seed of necessity Green Geological was born.

Green Geological engineers, manufactures, and distributes our Micro-Paleontological Tools and Supplies to currently practicing Professional Scientists, Researchers, and Academics conducting studies in the field of Micro-Paleontology, Palynology, Stratigraphy, Paleoclimatology and other similar disciplines for more than 45 years now. In 1970 our Mission Statement was simple; Green Geological will endeavor to provide durable, cost effective Micro-Paleontological Tools and Supplies that will facilitate the professional scientists in their research while delivering an outstanding value within our products and service to our clients. This Mission Statement is as valid today as it was then.

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